Euro-Multi Simple II

Euro-Multi Simple II

EuroMulti Simple Security Units are designed to provide an increased cash security during working hours. They provide tested physical and psychological protection. Affordable price enables using them for each cashier. It provides different philosophy of security than expensive and heavy safes.
EuroMulti Simple units consist of two main parts – steel box and drawer modules. The front panels of drawers are reinforced with 6 mm thick steel sheets. There are 2 standard models of EuroMulti Simple – 3 drawer versions with fixed or extensible deposit slot.

Technical data:

  • Time delay settings: 0-100 min for each drawer
  • External blocking: 10/30 min
  • Number of drawers: 3
  • Standard color:  gray RAL 7035
  • Power supply: 110 – 230/15V, 2A, CE
  • Dimensions (H × W × D): 690* × 500 × 530 mm, *hight adj. + (0 – 30 mm)
  • Weight: 80 kg
  • Internal volume: 96 l

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