Cash register AT2

Cash register AT2

The AT model timed cash boxes are designed to protect banks from daylight robberies, as well as from the theft of money by interns.


  • 8mm thick front plate
  • 3mm thick body plate

Interior equipment:

  • Drawers: 2 shelves for bills and coins
  • Metal cassette with lock in the safe
  • Tilting system in drawer 2 with anti-fishing


  • Drawers: equipped with STUV lock (Germany), 6-groove key, double bit, class A
  • Chest: equipped with 2 locks: 1 key lock STUV class A + 1 electronic lock
  • Locking with 5 bolts of 20mm diameter

Functionality of the cash box:

  • The time box is connected to the alarm network (silent alarm)
  • The timer is connected to your smartphone via an application
  • The history of the last 100 transactions can be read on the app
  • The cash register can be timed from 0 to 99 minutes
  • The cash register can be programmed for up to 9 users + a master code
  • Emergency opening by double intervention key in case of failure
  • Bottom puller for floor or back mounting
  • Epoxy paint


  • Weight 90 kg
  • Height 650 mm
  • Width 460 mm
  • Depth 500 mm

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