Banding Machine Busch BB40

Banding Machine Busch BB40

All types of products are banded with coated kraft paper tape (white or brown) or with transparent polypropylene foil tape.

Two sizes are available:

  • for 20 and 30 mm tape width
  • for 40 and 50 mm tape width

with an easy adjustment of the tape width.

The banding machines Busch are equipped with adjustable position stops, digital display, error message and electronic temperature control.

Machines can be operated by:

  • single stroke release by press-button
  • single stroke release by foot pedal
  • automatic sensor release

For high volume production a movable large reel stand is offered for reels with 800 m kraft paper tape or 1200 m foil tape. The stand height is easily adjustabe by means of a gas pressure spring. The band feeding is controlled by sensor detection.

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