Modular data center

Modular data center

Our data center architecture uses state-of-the-art technology for each component. Our modular containerized data center is easy to deploy and expand, providing secure and efficient solutions. All modular data centers are pre-tested in our factory before shipping.

The modular data center complies with the latest European Union data center standards.

Features and performance:

  • UPS efficiency and reliability
  • Diesel electric generator as main or backup power
  • CRAC using the best and most reliable technology
  • Excellent thermal insulation material properties
  • Optimal management of data center space
  • Monitoring for remote and local control of the data center
  • Video surveillance and access control systems
  • Automatic fire suppression systems using inert gas
  • Fault tolerance and simultaneous maintenance capability to maximize uptime

Dynamic UPS operation mode:

  • Maximum power control: provides the highest level of power regulation and protects the load from all network failures (overvoltage, undervoltage, single or multiple phase failures, phase reversal).
  • Maximum energy savings
  • Detects when no adjustment is required and allows power to flow through the by-pass line in the UPS’s eco mode
  • High efficiency and power regulation: THDi load compensation

Modular data center architecture and technology are specifically developed to im-prove efficiency. Modular data centers can distinguish different environmental conditions, load requirements, grid input conditions and select the best operating mode to withstand interference, and achieve maximum energy savings by using only the energy needed to provide the best cooling conditions, power output and equipment regulation.

The remote monitoring system is part of the solution to ensure optimal readiness is maintained at all times. They are designed to help you maximize availability, minimize downtime and re-duce operating costs.

Our typical mobile data center solutions include

  • Raised floor
  • Fire suppression
  • CRAC units
  • Server racks
  • Access control
  • Remote monitoring of operating parameters
  • Inverters
  • Batteries
  • Control panels
  • Automation panels
  • Distribution panels
  • The diesel generators are housed in a separate space from the containers and are soundproofed.

Each data center solution is customized to meet the customer’s needs.


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