Bulletproof window

Bulletproof window

The bulletproof window consists of a document pass and a hatch. The complete bullet-proof window is ready to be installed and is suitable for indoor use. It allows the transfer of large sums of money, or objects such as briefcases. It can also be used as a counter for receiving documents.

This counter uses a cart and a tray that move in opposite directions. It is used for handling documents, files, bundles of bills, ID documents up to 30mm high. It also has a deep tray for the passage of large objects up to 100mm high. It is also equipped with an intercom for automatic two-way conversation.

The hatch has manual or electromechanical sliding doors. It is also composed of mechanical door locks allowing to open only one door at a time. The mechanism cannot be manipulated from the outside.

This bulletproof window offers protection against firearms. It is certified FB4 by the firearms licensing authority.

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