AS280 B value counter

AS280 B value counter


AS280 B value counter: the only professional 2-pocket value counter with integrated printer and serial number reading. Recognizes multiple currencies automatically and its counterfeit detection is top of the bill. A recommendation for everyone who wants to process cash professionally!

Of course AS280 B passed the ECB test successfully!

  • Available currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, CNY, SAR, AED, INR, RUB, THB, PKR, IDR, INR, JPY, TWD, LBP etc.;
  • Counting modes: mix, single, face, orientation, count;
  • Advanced counterfeit detection with UV/MG/IR/DD/2CIS;
  • Software update via USB port;
  • ADD & batch counting function;
  • Auto & manual counting mode;
  • Double-sided serial number reading;
  • Different counting speeds (800, 1000 et 1200 pcs /mn);
  • Hopper Capacity: 500 pcs;
  • Stacker capacity: 200 pcs;
  • Reject Pocket Capacity: 50 pcs;
  • Transfer of counting report and serial number report to PC;
  • Automatic currency recognition function and multi-currency counting function for 4 different currencies;
  • Built-in printer to print the counting report and serial number report.


  • WEIGHT : 10kg
  • DIMENSIONS : 28 × 28 × 30 cm
  • BRAND : Arpège Security
  • ECB TESTED : Yes

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